Friedlich: Restore/Rehab

Project Start:  07:13.08

Project Complete: In progress

The start of the Friedlich residence in Tuxedo Park, NY began with a chance meeting at an event for Renseallear Polytechnic institute alumni in NYC.


A week after that chance meeting, Mr. Friedlich and I met at his mountain top home site to discuss the parameters of his project. He was in the process of purchasing two mountain top lot sites, one to build his dream home and the other to build a home to sell. We had numerous meetings through out a six month period to understand the site and to discuss the seasonal changes that effected the site.


While these meetings were happening, Mr. Friedlich decided we needed a spot to view the site close to where the home would be sited. He believed this would allow us plenty of time to consider the myriad of design options that needed to be resolved. We developed and built a gazebo out of the natural stone and wood from downed trees on the site. Surprisingly the Gazebo became a great lookout and think tank for the design & development of the residence.


The process of continually meeting and sketching at the Gazebo allowed us to determine what the final design needed.  We created a  low cottage  form from the front approach which explode open to the back side of the home (lake view side) with full glass retracting walls. It was also determined that the home design needed to splay out on all sides to maximize the beautiful seasonal views the site offered. The resulting conceptual design form was a series of three congruent and equal polygons that started off narrow in the front and opened up and widened to the back view shed side.


At this point my firm AD&B started with the two-year design process, to incorporate the numerous variants the site and the project designs had revealed.


We used the existing topography to hang the residence off the crest of the mountain.

Special pinning techniques were used to attach the foundation to the rock outcroppings. This process of orienting and pinning the house in this location allowed us to take advantage of the magnificent views as well as enjoy the benefits of a passive solar power system.  Additionally, the design will utilize geothermal wells for it heating and cooling systems.


The owner wanted to re- use the natural pink granite off the top of the mountain, which came from the areas that we needed to cut for the pinning of the foundation. We used skilled stone masons to mine and cut the stone. This material was used to face key exterior elements in the design as well as the interior facing for the 4 fireplaces.


The home will also feature an infinity pool facing the lake to create an illusion which looks like the pool flows into the lake below



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