Project Start:

Project Complete:

What do you get when you meet a client who plays more golf then he sleeps, and he wants to build a retail office complex on a site he owns? Well, we named it Golf Plaza and it is located in Poughkeepsie, New York.


From the start this project was a fascinating design which took approximately 3 years to get designed and approved through the local municipal boards. The design process took us from one large three story building to the final incarnation of a campus style neo-colonial 2 building retail office campus. These design development changes were developed through numerous meetings with the owner, our site design engineers and the municipal planners. Ultimately, the final design was the most sensitive to the surroundings and allows for future development of the contiguous sites.


Once approved the construction team started the site work. Through a rough winter they were able to complete the underground works and prepare the foundations. Framing started in the spring and continued for a few months due to the numerous rain storms during that period. Once under roof, the mechanicals and electrical elements were completed in rapid  succession.


The clients intent was to build and finish the exterior of the buildings and prepare the interiors as vinalla boxes for the future tenant fit outs.


Most intriguing though is the three hole putting green that was design at the end of the main building on creek road. This little design element has been the discussion of many local residence who can’t wait for the center to open so they can practice their short game.  As for the owner of the complex, his golf game has improved by four strokes since the green was established on the site.



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