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In business since 1985 we know our clients, and what they expect. We have been consistently developing superior properties and projects for our clients off-line, and now we'd like to expand our presence on-line. We have been fervently working to bring you a new kind of experience when it comes to choosing and working with an architectural design & build firm. As we develop our on-line networks we hope to bring seamless connectivity to your design and build professional and social media.  You'll be able read reviews, get recommendations and much more; we hope that as we embark on this new path you'll join us, follow us, like us... American Design and Build is a one stop design and build provider we cover all your bases so you are free to focus on the more important things.

American Design & Build is developing home improvement webisodes!


 After a long hiatus we are in talks to bring back our home improvement show , the ABC's of Home Improvement ! A few years back we sponsored the show on live am radio and had some success, but time and budget issues complicated matters so we decided to put a pin in the project, but now the show is back. New episodes are in production but you can check out some of our back catalog of episodes chock full of useful information to assistant and many home improvement projects. Check out our the show site at or on social media.

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