Property Management and Construction Specialist
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Construction Administration


  • Bid Assistance and Analysis
  • On-site Construction Observation
  • Certification of payments



At  American Design and Build our staff is familiar with the complex system of regulatory agencies, which must review and approve each proposed project. These town, county and state agencies include: zoning and planning boards the building and planning departments, the health department, The local transportation department, the major code bureaus, environmental protection agency, etc. In addition their are several utility companies which require application or notification before a project can begin construction. We cover all the bases thats why we are the best.


Project Feasibility


  • Client Consultation
  • Scope and Budget Review
  • Preliminary Zoning Analysis





  • Schematic Layout and Planning
  • Conferences and Design Development
  • Preliminary Drawings and Specifications
  • Hyper Realistic 3D Renderings




Contract Documents


  • Energy code and Building code analysis
  • Selection of building materials and research
  • Working Drawings and Specifications: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Site Plan, Landscape Research, Interior Design, For Build Permits





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