Project Start:   05.04 86

Project Complete:  09.21.87

      When we first met with Mayor Sam Abate to discuss the construction of a new ambulance facility to replace the outdated facility in the Village of Sloatsburg, NY our design team knew it would be a challenge. Being given the opportunity to design and build a new specialty ambulance building for the Village of Sloatsburg would be an honor since it is fully operated by volunteers.  However, one of the criteria for the build was that the existing old concrete block ambulance building, which was constructed by volunteers in the early 1950’s was to remain on the site, and be encapsulated in the new building design. Engaging in a free flow of ideas with the Mayor and trustees while working to remain fiscally responsible complicated the effort further. But our design build team was able to do all this and more to achieve the design goals for The New Sloatsburg Volunteer Ambulance Building.


In developing the designs, we blended the latest technology by using 3-D animation renderings to visualize the building from all vantage points. This technique made for a faster design track, and allowed for numerous variations in a short period of time. Ultimately the design team worked together to create three different designs for the Mayor and his board to select. Once the final designs where selected a video animation of the project was created. This allowed all parties to have a final look at the facility prior to the start of construction.


Construction on the building commence with a ceremonial ground braking and continued with few changes. As we started to frame around the existing building and retro fit the existing roof of the old building to support a new second floor our build team encounter some issues with the existing concrete block walls. On the fly we modified the design plans to incorporate some steel beams and footings to support the new structure.  Since we were working in unison with the construction team these changes took a minimal time to complete. From that point forward the build out was smooth as silk.


At the grand opening of the facility the Mayor showed the video animation to the  pubic that was in attendance and they were amazed how closely the animation was to the actual built structure.



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